Saturday 26 and Sunday 27, April 2003 BAC (Battersea Arts Centre), Lavender Hill, London SW11 5TN

The Institute of Ideas in association with Pfizer Supported by: The Wellcome Trust and BAC Media Sponsor: Discovery Channel

April 2003 marks the 50th anniversary of the publication of Crick and Watson’s famous paper on the structure of DNA in the scientific journal Nature. The Institute of Ideas’ weekend-long Genes and Society Festival, in association with Pfizer, brings together a host of scientists, writers, social commentators, regulators, philosophers, artists and campaigners to reflect on and debate the many implications of genetic discoveries and advances.

Does genetics throw up uniquely new and difficult ethical dilemmas?

Can scientists, industry and government be trusted to employ genetic technologies to the benefit of all?

Have we become too suspicious of those involved in science?

Are there any moral or natural limits to what humans should attempt to manipulate and control?

Are we overreacting to the unfamiliar?

These are only a few of the important and varied questions to be discussed.

Full festival programme:

TICKETS: telephone 0207 269 9230/9229/9227/9220 Saturday, day pass: £25 (£20 concs) Sunday, day pass: £20 (£15 concs) For disabled access telephone 020 7269 9224 in advance.


– Genetics: Hype and Reality

– Should we worry about eugenics?

– Genes, Privacy and a Genetic Underclass

– Stem Cells – prospects and barriers

– Intellectual Property and Developing Countries – which way forward?

– GM Crops and the Developing World – who decides? – GM Crops – time to say yes?

– Reproductive Cloning – what’s wrong with it?

– Parental Choice and Children’s Welfare – is there a conflict?

– Genes and Identity: Genetic inheritance and psychological welfare

– Genetic Headlines – how capable are the media at reporting genetic news?

– Genetic Broadcasting

– Science on TV

– Genetics and Art – scientific inspiration?

– Science in Performance –

– Science Comedy: Let’s twist again, 50 years of DNA

– Sci-Fi Futures – popular films and contemporary concerns

– Sci-Fi Futures – literature and contemporary concerns

– Teaching Genetics – facts or ethics?

– Sixth form Genetics Debate – GM: Frankenstein Food or a Technology to be Celebrated? – Genes and Intelligence – what is intelligence? –

In Conversation with Sir Harry Kroto – science education

Genes and Longevity – how long should we want to live?

Genetics and Disability

Anthraxiety: the threat of biological and chemical terrorism

Born bad? Genes and violence


-ICHAEL FITZPATRICK GP, columnist, the Lancet and author of The Tyranny of Health –

DAVID GOLDSTEIN, Wolfson Professor of Genetics, University College London –

GEOFF WATTS, presenter of BBC Radio 4’s Leading Edge –

SIR HARRY KROTO, Nobel Laureate, Professor of Chemistry and founder of the Vega Science Trust –

FRANK FUREDI, Professor of Sociology and author of Paranoid Parenting and Culture of Fear –

PROFESSOR TOM BALDWIN, Vice Chair, Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority –

JOSPEHINE QUINTAVALLE, director, Comment on Reproductive Ethics (CORE) – LEE M SILVER, Professor of Molecular Biology, Princeton University and author of Remaking Eden –

MARK LITTLEWOOD, Director of Campaigns, Liberty –

ALISTAIR KENT, director, Genetic Interest Group –

ROBIN LOVELL-BADGE, Head of Developmental Genetics, MRC National Institute for Medical Research –

STEPHEN MINGER, Centre for Neuroscience Research, King’s College London –

PROFESSOR INGO POTRYKUS, co-inventor of Golden Rice –

GILL SAMUELS CBE, Senior Director Science Policy & Scientific Affairs, Europe, Pfizer –

JULIAN ORAM, Senior Researcher, New Economics Foundation –

PROFESSOR DIRAN MAKINDE, University of Venda for Science and Technology, South Africa

COLIN TUDGE, The Variety of Life and So Shall We Reap (forthcoming)

PROFESSOR MICHAEL WILSON, Chief Executive, Horticulture Research International –

HARRY GRIFFIN, Acting Director, Roslin Institute –

PROFESSOR MARTIN RICHARDS, Director of the Centre for Family Research, University of Cambridge. –


FRANK BURNETT, director, Cheltenham Science Festival –

MARK HENDERSON, Science Correspondent, The Times –

JOHNJOE MCFADDEN, Professor of Molecular Genetics, University of Surrey –

KEN ARNOLD, Exhibitions Manager, the Wellcome Trust –

TOM MORRIS, artistic director, BAC –

KEN MACLEOD author of The Star Fraction, The Stone Canal and The Cassini Division

– DEREK BELL, Chief Executive, Association for Science Education –

JOHN WHITE, Professor of Philosophy of Education, Institute of Education

Tony Gilland Institute of Ideas 020 7269 9229