Geographies of the Eighteenth Century: The Question of the Global

Proposal Deadline: January 5, 2004

The third annual Bloomington 18th-Century Studies Workshop requests paper proposals on the question of the global in the 18th century. What does it mean to locate the invention of the global in the eighteenth century? What does this location of the global legitimate or make visible? What does it neglect or occlude? We would like to interrogate the meaning and distinctiveness of “the global” in the eighteenth century, encouraging comparisons across space and time, and debates across disciplines.

The workshop will be an interdisciplinary event May 19-22, 2004, with 20-30 scholars presenting, discussing, and debating their work over several days in a congenial setting. It follows the success of two previous workshops, and the inauguration of a center for 18th-century studies at Indiana University. Accommodation and most meals and travel expenses for participants will be covered by the workshop.

Applications are considered from scholars at all stages of their careers and from all disciplines. Applications should include a CV and a two-page proposal. Applications may be hard copy or electronic. Please direct your application to the address below by January 5, 2004.

Dr. Barbara Truesdell

Ashton-Aley West, Room 264 Indiana University Bloomington, IN 47405 (812) 855-2856 Email: [email protected]