A Public Lecture by PROFESSOR GEORGE LEVINE (Rutgers University) Followed by a reception sponsored by the British Society for the History of Science

6.00pm Tuesday 21 November 2006 Lecture Theatre 3, Ken Edwards Building University of Leicester University Road Leicester LE1 7RH

Jesus and Darwin do battle on car bumpers across America. Medallions of fish symbolizing Jesus are answered by ones of amphibians stamped ‘Darwin’, and stickers proclaiming ‘Jesus Loves You’ are countered by ‘Darwin Loves You’. The bumper sticker debate might be trivial and the pronouncement that ‘Darwin Loves You’ may seem merely ironic, but George Levine contends that the message contains an unintended truth. Countering the pervasive view that the facts of Darwin’s world must lead to a disenchanting vision of it, Levine argues that Darwin’s ideas and the language of his books offer an alternative form of enchantment, a world rich with meaning and value, and more wonderful and beautiful than ever before.


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