Access to almost 100 years of scientific research in public and international health is now available electronically for the first time with the launch of Global Health Archive from CABI Publishing. Global Health Archive is a modern, searchable, bibliographic database containing literature from 1910 to 1983, charting the history of public health, from Funk coining the term ‘vitamins’ to Key’s seven countries study.

Up to now unlocking this literature has been problematic; much of it has been ‘lost’ in unused and forgotten print volumes that have not been available to the wider academic community. Now CABI Publishing has made available their print archive of bibliographic records in a modern electronic format, a database equivalent to over 300 volumes of research. Topics covered including biological agents, anti-microbial substances in the pre-antibiotic era, disease control, food security and the effects of economic development on health.

If you are interested in finding out more about Global Health Archive and how your institution can access it please contact me at the address below.

Richard Sullivan

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