Smithsonian Institution Contemporary History Colloquium 2008/09

The next session of this year’s Colloquium Series will take place on Thursday, January 15, 2008 at 5:30 pm in the Director’s Conference Room of the National Air and Space Museum. The speaker will be:

speaker: Hugh Slotten

topic: Globalization and Space Technology: Satellite Communications, the International Telecommunications Union, and Cold War Diplomacy

The focus of this talk is the 1963 meeting of the International Telecommunications Union organized to decide on the allocation of frequencies in the radio spectrum for all forms of space communication, including especially satellite communications (the “Space Radio Conference”). An analysis of the techniques and methods used by the United States to convince other countries to agree to frequency proposals is not only crucial for understanding how the United States convinced countries to join the global satellite system but also for understanding the general practice of diplomacy during a crucial period in the history of the Cold War.

Information: Allan Needell, 202.633.2412; [email protected]

NON-SMITHSONIAN VISITORS MUST RSVP TO Allan Needell NO LATER THAN 48 HOURS BEFORE THE COLLOQUIUM. On the day of the COLLOQUIUM, REPORT TO THE South Security Desk at the 6th and Independence Ave. SW entrance to the Museum for a visitor’s badge. The security officer will direct you to Elevator #3 and the Conference Room. Those holding SI ID badges may proceed directly to the DCR.

Next Colloquium: February 18, Guy Ortolano on C.P. Snow and “Two Cultures.”