Grad research conference: From the Cradle to the Grave: Future perspectives on the social history of health and healthcare Centre for the Social History of Health and Healthcare (CSHHH) in Glasgow Glasgow Caledonian/Strathclyde Universities, Glasgow 11-12 January 2006 Sponsored by the Society for the Social History of Medicine

Summary: Aimed at all current Grad students working with history of health, medicine and disease topics, it is intended to bring together those in the field to discuss the forces shaping the subject area. See

Full CFP: With the growth of social history of medicine research in the UK over the last twenty-five years the subject area has expanded in terms of methodological perspectives, geographical interests and chronological coverage. This conference seeks to explore the ways in which these developments have shaped current doctoral research. At the same time it will identify the ways in which graduate students working in the field see the development of the subject area in the future. By presenting work in progress, the event will act in the first place as a showcase for current research activities at doctoral level across the country. However, the broader objective is to stimulate a dialogue among emerging scholars in the social history of medicine community about the origins of the subject area, its current preoccupations and possible directions.

The conference will be inclusive in terms of subject matter, disciplinary approach and geographical context. The organisers welcome proposals from, among others, those working on studies relating to the history of medicine and therapies and of specific diseases and illnesses, the history of disability, the history of health policy, the history of medical organisations and/or related bodies, occupational health history, the history of non-western medicine and cultural representations of health and healthcare. Please contact the organisers if you have a query about the content of your proposal.

Contact: Please send a title and abstract of up to 300 words together with a brief CV and contact details to Sue Morrison and Angela Turner at [email protected] by 30 November 2005.