The following grants were awarded by the society in 2011:

Masters course bursaries

Masters course bursaries of £1000 were awarded to:

  • Gemma Reed, CHSTM, University of Manchester
  • Rachel Boon, CHSTM, University of Manchester
  • Jared Keller, Imperial College/London Centre
  • Rupert Cole, Imperial College/ London Centre

Research Grants

  • Adam Warren, Executive Journeys: Travel, Comfort and Performance in the Jet Age £400
  • Caroline Gillan, Science and Patronage in Eighteenth Century Britain: The Role of Lord Bute as Patron, £500
  • Gowan Dawson, Whatever Happened to TH Huxley’s Missing ‘Cuvier Article’?, £200
  • Lida Barner, Intellectual Plunder: Exploitation of Jewish Patents in the Third Reich, £500
  • Miriam Brusius, Objects Without Status – Pictures Without Purpose. The Organisation And Visualisation Of Middle Eastern Archaeological Finds in 19th Century Europe, £500
  • Timothy Cooper, Expertise and Environmental Justice: Technological Change and the Politics of Waste Disposal in Twentieth Century Britain, £400

Special Projects

£900 was awarded each to:

  • Iwan Morus, Exploring the Visual Culture of Victorian Physics
  • Emily Winterburn, The World Under a Microscope or how Leeds helped to shape our understanding of the Earth and the environment