A proportion of the BSHS grants fund will be set aside each year for small grants (from £50 to £500) for specific research purposes, such as archival visits, research trips, photography or microfilming, or temporary research assistance costs. Grants are not available for costs associated with publication. Applications are particularly welcomed from those early in their research careers. Preference is given to research projects which have clear, independent outcomes.

Funding will be allocated twice a year, with applications to be received by 30 September or 31 March each year. Decisions will normally be made within a month of the deadline.

  • Applicants must be members of the Society
  • Applicants are normally expected to hold a PhD, or to have completed at least one year’s research towards a PhD. There is no age limit
  • Preference is given to applicants who are within ten years of starting their PhD
  • Applications for funding must be made in advance; grants may not be used to cover expenditure that has already been incurred
  • Grants are awarded only to individuals; individuals may make only one application per year; re-applications may not be made for the same project
  • Conference expenses are not available under this scheme. Student members of the Society should apply to the Butler-Eyles Fund for conference travel expenses
  • Applicants should make their best effort to travel in the most economical way within reason (booking trains and flights well in advance, for example)
  • All recipients will be invited to submit an article to Viewpoint within six months of completing the course.
  • Sponsorship for air travel will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and applicants may be asked to specify reasons why they have chosen the option to fly.
  • Please note that grant income is usually treated as taxable income. It is your responsibility, as the recipient, to make any necessary declarations to HMRC or the relevant authorities.

Applications should be made on the form below, and should include a financial statement indicating why the funds are being sought. One referee should be asked to send a supporting statement (in the case of doctoral candidates, the referee should be the research supervisor). All materials should be sent by the 30 September and 31 March of each year.

Applications will be considered by members of the Society’s Grants Committee, and other experts as appropriate. No interviews will be held. The Society may offer an amount less than that applied for. Details of successful applicants may be published in the Society’s magazine Viewpoint where appropriate. No correspondence will be entered into except under exceptional circumstances.

Grants will be paid by bank transfer at the start of the agreed award period. Grants not taken up within six months will be cancelled. Successful applicants must submit a financial statement, and an informal 250-word report for publication in Viewpoint at the end of their award period (usually 12 months); and must acknowledge the support of the Society in any publications or conference presentations relating to the funded research.

To apply for a BSHS Research Grant please visit