Call for papers: Workshop – “Hannah Arendt on Science and the Human Condition.” The International Society for European Ideas Conference, Aug 02-06 2010.

Location: Turkey
Call for Papers Date: 2010-04-15
This workshop invites papers which examine, apply, or contest Hannah Arendt’s views on science. Papers which explore her ambivalence towards science would be of particular interest. Arendt frequently draws attention to what she regards as the tendency of modern science to look beyond its own dependency on the rootedness and conditionality of thinking in order to attempt to raise itself to a “universal” position from which the phenomenology of human existence is regarded as irrelevant to the truths that science yields. Yet she also alludes to the possibility that science can be reconfigured and brought into a different relationship to thinking and action, as it appears to be both capable of and responsible for providing ways in which thinking can preserve its connections with the senses and the common world, thereby counteracting the necessary but sometimes dangerous propensity of thinking to isolate itself from the world.

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