Uppsala University hereby welcomes applications for the Hans Rausing chair in the History of Science at the Department for History of Science and Ideas

Description of the subject field: The Hans Rausing Professorship in the History of Science was established in 2001 through a donation by Dr. Lisbet Rausing. History of science examines the history of individual disciplines as well as the collective function of science in society. This includes the study of the material conditions of science, the relationship of science to the flow of ideas and social debate, its intra-disciplinary structures and guiding forces, as well as its place in greater social and cultural contexts. The primary focus is on the history of the natural sciences. Research performed in this field should reflect both national and international perspectives.

Duties: Overall responsibility for the Department’s research within the area of the history of science; the training of researchers in the history of ideas and learning; teaching and supervision at undergraduate and postgraduate level. The successful applicant will also be expected to pursue his or her own research, provide the public with information about the Department’s research, and perform departmental development work, as well as initiate and plan research projects. Special importance will be placed upon work that contributes to the initiation of international cooperation, and contacts that will make possible broad cross-disciplinary cooperation, as well as cooperation over subject and faculty borders.

Assignments of an administrative nature, as well as management duties, might be included in this post.

Qualifications: According to Chap. 4, § 5 of Sweden’s Higher Education Ordinance, the eligibility criteria for employment as full professor are scientific as well as pedagogic proficiency. According to the employment policy of Uppsala University, academic proficiency should be demonstrated through independent research that significantly exceeds the qualifications required for the Swedish “docent” title. Planning and leadership are also important qualifications . The applicant must demonstrate the pedagogic proficiency required for the position and, except in special cases, must also have formal pedagogic training relevant to the tasks associated with this position. The examination of pedagogical proficiency shall refer to planning, execution and evaluation of the curriculum, as well as advisory activities and examinations.

The ability to teach in Swedish or English is a requirement. A successful applicant without knowledge of Swedish will be expected to be able to teach and to take part in departmental meetings in that language within two years.

Ranking: The ranking of applicants for employment as a teacher at Uppsala University is based on an assessment of their proficiencies in the areas required for eligibility for employment.

For this position, the ranking will be based primarily on the scientific and pedagogic proficiencies of the applicants, with special emphasis on scientific proficiency. The order of priorities in the application of the various selection criteria is not absolute. A combined consideration of all grounds of assessment could result, for instance, in an applicant vastly superior regarding pedagogical proficiency being ranked higher than a candidate with superior scientific qualifications who is considered less qualified pedagogically. In evaluating the applicant’s pedagogic proficiency, consideration will be made of skills and experience in the planning, execution and evaluation of teaching, as well as advisory activities and examinations.

Assessment criteria, other skills: Attention will also be paid to the applicant’s ability to interact with the surrounding community and to inform the public about the Department’s research and developmental work.

This professorship is located in the Office for History of Science, which is part of the Department for History of Science and Ideas in the Faculty of Arts. Its location and scope make it desirable that the applicant possesses, in addition to scientific specialist competence, broader competence within the field of the history of ideas and learning or equivalent historical disciplines.

Personal circumstances that may be of relevance when assessing the applications, for example parental leave, should be mentioned in the curriculum vitae (CV).

Other conditions: The chair is supported by special stipulations and special funding as established in the provisions for the Hans Rausing Professorship in the History of Science, dated 2001-10-01.

Gender equality: Uppsala University strives to promote gender equality. The University encourages female candidates to apply for this chair.

The application should include two copies of the following: – a presentation of the applicant’s career history, supported by copies of relevant certificates and other documentation – a brief description of the applicant’s research, teaching and other relevant experience – a list of the publications and teaching materials that the applicant wishes to submit for consideration – copies of the publications mentioned above

For further information, please contact Dr. Torbjörn Gustafsson Chorell, head of department, tel +46 (0) 18 471 7677, e-mail:[email protected], or Professor Tore Frängsmyr, tel. +46 (0) 18 471 1579, e-mail: [email protected]

Applications should be directed to Vice-Chancellor of Uppsala University, and submitted in two copies to:

Registrar, UFV-PA 2004/1388 Uppsala University P.O. Box 256 SE-751 05 Uppsala Sweden

fax +46 (0) 18 471 2000

The deadline for applications is January 10, 2005. Faxed applications must be followed by a signed application in hard copy, sent within a week of the deadline.

See http://www.personalavd.uu.se/ledigaplatser/1388profeng.html