HARVARD’S WORKSHOP ON INSTRUMENTS AND MATERIAL CULTURE is sponsored in part by the history of science department (Harvard University) and by the Early Sciences Working Group (Harvard University).

SATURDAY, 17 APRIL 2004 HARVARD UNIVERSITY, SCIENCE CENTER, ROOM 469 (history of science dept.)

The final workshop schedule is as follows:

– 8:30-9:00 coffee & breakfast

– 9:00-9:30 first session papers presentations Simon Schaffer, “Instruments as Cargo in the China Trade.”

Sara Schechner, “Politics, Patronage, and John Winthrop’s Observations of the Transit of Venus in 1761 and 1769.”

– 9:30-9:45 commentary by Peter Galison – 9:45-10:45 open discussion

– 10:45-11:00 coffee

– 11:00-11:30 second session papers presentations Michael Gorman, “The Neapolitan Telescope? Giambattista della Porta and the Drama of Optical Projection.”

Anna Maerker, “”Turpentine is That Which Covers Everything”: Controlling Men and Materials in Anatomical Model Production for the Tuscan State.”

– 11:30-11:45 commentary by Randolph Starn – 11:45-12:45 open discussion

– 12:45-2:00 lunch (not provided)

– 2:00-2:30 third session papers presentations Mario Biagioli, “Instruments and Intellectual Property: Galilei vs. Capra.”

François Charette, “The Palace, the Mosque and the Souk: Considering the Locales of Islamic Mathematical Instrumentation.”

– 2:30-2:45 commentary by Rob Iliffe – 2:45-3:45 open discussion

– 3:45-4:00 coffee

– 4:00-4:30 fourth session papers presentations Jim Bennett, “Catadioptrical Instruments in Mid-18th-Century London: Astronomy and Navigation, Gentlemen and Tradesmen.”

JF Gauvin, “The Cultural Import of Artisans and Machines in Descartes’s Early Natural Philosophy.”

– 4:30-4:45 commentary by Myles Jackson – 4:45-5:45 open discussion