Battle of Ideas, a major weekend festival of debates taking place in London, 28-29th October 2006.

Tickets are now on sale for the festival, which invites hundreds of people to engage in robust and lively debate with leading thinkers on key issues of our time. Over 50 events will be taking place over the weekend, featuring over 150 speakers debating keynote topics such as Happiness vs. Affluence, Human Enhancement, Artistic Autonomy, Reassessing Liberty and themed strands on Innovation, Law, Media and Nature. Free speech is allowed!

The event is held at the Royal College of Art and is organised by the Institute of Ideas in conjunction with The Times, Research Councils UK and Pfizer, among others.

Issues to be addressed at the festival include:

Human enhancement: creating superhumans or dicing with death? Workplace stress — medical epidemic or all in the mind? Playing Balls — why are men becoming obsessed with their health? Morbid fascinations — addressing our obsession with death.

Speakers in these debates include: Dr Stuart Derbyshire, Jon Entine, Raymond Tallis, Dr Raj Persaud, Richard Schoch, Dr Heather Piper, Dr Rosemary Anderson, Rob Briner, Dr Ken McLaughlin, Angela Patmore, Michael Baum, Jim Pollard, Dr Dana Rosenfeld, Professor Johnson, Pierre Magistretti, Mike Fitzpatrick and Tony Walter

Other highlights relevant to those with an interest in health and well-being include a Café conversation ‘The Happiness Trap: promoting well-being or lowering horizons?’ and the Thought for the Day ‘Food for thought in the café: nature knows best? — the organic food debate’.

Do you have an opinion? We invite you to join the debate and engage with these, and other exciting and contemporary issues in the worlds of health, well-being and medical issues.

To get a feel for the issues in advance of the festival, a wide selection of Recommended Reading is now available online.

Other speakers include: David Aaronovitch, Myles Allen, Julian Baggini, Michael Baum, Marcel Berlins, George Brock, Anne Brogan, Paddy Coulter, Sir Bernard Crick, Mark Easton, Kevin Fong, Eliot Forster, Claire Fox, Sir Christopher Frayling, Frank Furedi, Conor Gearty, Kate Green, Steve Hewlett, Philip K. Howard, Brian Iddon MP, Wendy Kaminer, Sajjad Khan, Richard Koch, Richard Koeppel, Adam Kuper, Colin Lawson, Kenan Malik, Minette Marrin, Chris Meade, Munira Mirza, Jeremy Myerson, Avner Offer, Sara Parkin, Dr Raj Persaud, Chris Pond, Richard Rees, Philippe Sands QC, John Ralston Saul, Raymond Tallis, Peter Tatchell, Zoe Williams, Nick Wilson and John Zarnecki.

The full programme can be found at:

AC Grayling said of last year’s sell out event:

‘The Battle of Ideas 2005 was invigorating, absorbing, and highly educative – delicious and nourishing food for thought, which already makes me hungry for the Battle of Ideas 2006.’

Tickets are now on sale for the Battle of Ideas both online and via our hotline: 020 7269 9220

We would be delighted if you passed on details of the festival to people you thought would enjoy it, and invite you to learn more about its intention to shape the future through debate by checking out our website. Please let us know if you require any brochures, postcards or posters.

We very much hope you will be able to come and join the debate.

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