Call for abstracts

An International and interdisciplinary conference on

Health, Culture and the Human Body – Epidemiology, ethics and history of medicine, perspectives from Central Europe and Turkey

Mainz, Germany, 17-19 September 2010

The face of medicine is rapidly evolving: New developments in medicine, preventive and therapeutic interventions are raising novel ethical questions in societies undergoing fast demographic change at home while participating in global interactions through travel and migration. Throughout history, the perception of health and illness and the ethical assessment of medical practices have often been different between diverse value-cultures. This may affect the responses to well-established themes in medicine, such as the control of infectious diseases, attitudes towards a person’s death, or culturally specific approaches to dealing with the integrity of the human body. Consequently, these ethical considerations have given rise to complex ethical debates resulting in different legal regulations of these developments in different countries.

The international conference “Health, Culture and the Human Body” will focus on selected cases from Turkey, Germany, and other countries. These countries have been closely connected by substantial migration processes for some fifty years. Historically, these countries were linked by medical sciences and clinical practice. These interactions will be analysed jointly from historical, epidemiological, and ethical perspectives, paving the way for the implementation of an interdisciplinary “medicine studies” approach in the field of intercultural and migration medicine.

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The chosen thematic areas are:

§         infectious diseases (e.g., plague, leprosy, cholera, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS)

§         the end of life (e.g., patient autonomy vs. family autonomy, advance directives, active and passive euthanasia, palliative care)

§         dealing with the human body (e.g., anatomical research, organ donation, biomaterial in international studies)

§         migration and medicine

Abstracts (max. 250 words) of proposed conference papers need to be submitted by 31 January 2010,

to the attention of Ilhan Ilkilic MD PhD, E-Mail: [email protected] (Institute for History, Philosophy and Ethics of Medicine, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany)

Phone +49-(0)-6131-39-37343, Fax +49-(0)-6131-39-36682

Publication of selected papers is envisaged.

Venue: Mainz Academy of Letters and Sciences, Mainz, Germany

Organising institutions:

* Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz Medical Centre (Germany)

* Istanbul, University (Turkey)