The Henry Belin du Pont Dissertation Fellowship at the Hagley Museum and Library is designed for graduate students who have completed all course work for the doctoral degree and are conducting research on their dissertation. We invite applications from Ph. D. candidates whose research on important historical questions would benefit from use of Hagley’s research collections. Applications should demonstrate superior intellectual quality, present a persuasive methodology for the project, and show that there are substantial research materials at Hagley pertinent to the dissertation.

This is a residential fellowship with a term of four months. The fellowship provides $6,000, free housing on Hagley’s grounds, use of a computer, email and internet access, and an office. Recipients are expected to have no other obligations during the term of the fellowship, to maintain continuous residence at Hagley for its duration, and to participate in events organized by Hagley’s Center for the History of Business, Technology, and Society. Towards the end of residency the recipient will make a presentation at Hagley based on research conducted during the fellowship. Hagley also should receive a copy of the dissertation, as well as any publications aided by the fellowship.

Application dossiers must include a dissertation prospectus, a statement concerning the relevance of Hagley’s research collections to the projectand at least two letters of recommendation. Writing samples also are welcome. Applications must be postmarked or in hand by November 15. The fellowship will be awarded by January 1, and may be used anytime thereafter in that calendar year.

Potential applicants are strongly encouraged to consult with Hagley staff prior to submitting their dossier. Inquiries and applications should be directed to:

Dr. Roger Horowitz, Associate Director Center for the History of Business, Technology Hagley Museum and Library P.O. Box 3630 Wilmington DE 19807-0630 phone, 302-658-2400; fax, 302-655-3188; email, [email protected] website: