The Dudley Observatory announces the Herbert C. Pollock Award

The Award supports an innovative project in the history of astronomy or astrophysics, to be undertaken by a faculty member, research associate, or postdoctoral associated with a college, university, nonprofit research institution or observatory located in North America. Applications from persons meeting the other requirements, who are not currently affiliated with any institution will also be considered. Special consideration will be given to proposals that involve the use of the Dudley Observatory Archives, the Dudley Collection of early astronomical works housed at Union College or the Benjamin A. Gould, Jr. library held by Dudley Observatory. The Award consists of a maximum of $5,000 to be distributed in the year of the Award.

Application Procedures The application should include the following parts: 1.) A descriptive title with a brief account of the project, not to exceed four pages. The description should permit a selection committee of historians and other scholars to judge what is proposed and how completion of the project would contribute to historical knowledge. 2.) A one-page nontechnical executive summary of the project . 3.) A budget showing how the Award funds would be spent, together with a description of the applicant’s current funding and the funding agency, if any, for present work. –No Overhead Charges will be permitted. 4.) A biographical sketch and personal bibliography – not to exceed four pages. 5.) The names and affiliations of two scientists or other scholars who may be contacted by the Selection Committee, should the need arise, as well as the name of the applicant’s supervisor or Department Chair. Letters of support should not be included with the application. The complete application must be received by Dudley Observatory by November 14, 2004. Applications should be mailed to:

Dudley Observatory 107 Nott Terrace, Suite 201 Schenectady, New York 12308

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