Historical GIS sessions at the European Social Science History Conference 2010 Location: Belgium
Call for Papers Deadline: 2009-05-01

The aim of the ESSHC is bringing together scholars interested in explaining historical phenomena using the methods of the social sciences. It attracts more than 1,000 scholars from all over the world who share an interest in social history. The conference is characterized by a lively exchange in many small groups, rather than by formal plenary sessions. It is a great opportunity to demonstrate the scope of historical research for a wide audience.
The “Historical GIS / History & Computing” network of the ESSHC therefore invites scholars who have used GIS within the domain of historical research to present the results of their efforts at the next conference, which will take place in Ghent, Belgium, from Tuesday 13 April up to and including Friday 16 April 2010.

Possible themes are:

– Visualisation and exploration of regional variation;
– Web based historical GIS
– GIS and social inequality;
– Agricultural history with GIS;
– Demography and health with historical GIS

But other GIS papers are welcomed as well.
You can register your proposal at http://www.iisg.nl/esshc/. Please note: the deadline for paper and session proposals is 1 May 2009.

For more information, see http://www.iisg.nl/esshc/ or contact the “Historical GIS / History & Computing” network chairs Onno Boonstra, Ian Greogry and Gunnar Thorvaldsen.