We would like to announce the newly formed Histories of Archaeology Research Network (HARN). The aim of this new inter-university collective of postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers is ‘to begin untangling the histories and philosophies of archaeology and make them intelligible’ — supplementing archival research with interviews with the people who were involved or who knew the people concerned so as to provide a dimension that is often missing from published works: the social side of archaeology, the friendship (and the enmities), and the ways in which ideas were discussed and developed in conferences, tea rooms and in the field.

The research being carried out by HARN members looks at specific people (Louis and Mary Leakey, Herbert Jankuhn, Margaret Murray, Jacquetta Hawkes), places (archaeology in the British Mandate Territories, in Israel, Norway, Greece, Germany, Africa and Iran) and at institutions, policies and processes (including the ‘History of the Theoretical Archaeology Group (TAG)’, founded as recently in 1978, and the history of the politics and policy-making processes impacting archaeology in recent decades). HARN currently has twenty postgraduate and post-doctoral members and plans regular meetings, seminars and workshops at the Society of Antiquaries and at member universities.

If you are interested, contact Amara Thornton at <[email protected]>.