Histories of the Human Sciences: Different Disciplinary Perspectives. Conference on May 6th, 2006, University of Pennsylvania, sponsored by the Department of History and Sociology of Science.

Description: During recent decades, interest in the history of human sciences has grown considerably. Research has been undertaken by practitioners of the human sciences as well as by historians, and also by scholars in other disciplines. Not surprisingly, scholars have typically addressed their own disciplinary audiences. The objective of this conference is to stimulate discussion across disciplinary boundaries.

Schedule (10 a.m. to 6 p.m.)

Session I Matti Bunzl, University of Illinois, Urbana “Were We Wrong? Rethinking the Postmodern Paradigm”

Jill Morawski, Wesleyan University “Experimenter and Subject in the Postwar Psychology Laboratory”

Phil Mirowski, University of Notre Dame “Economists’ Struggles with Knowledge in the Postwar World”

Session II John Carson, University of Michigan “Theaters of Proof: Mind and its Experts in the Nineteenth-Century English Courtroom”

Alice O’Connor, University of California, Santa Barbara “The Privatized City: The Manhattan Institute, The Urban Crisis, and the Conservative Counterrevolution in New York”

Leila Zenderland, California State University, Fullerton “Knowledge for What? Social Science in Yiddish in the 1930s”


Session III Susan Hegeman, University of Florida “A Brief History of the Cultural Turn”

Peter Logan, Temple University “Fetishism’s Travels: Ethnography to Sexology”

Barbara Herrnstein Smith, Duke and Brown Universities, “PropheCies and Predictions: From the Annals of Social Psychology”

Session IV: Commentary Elizabeth Lunbeck, Princeton University George Stocking, University of Chicago John Tresch, University of Pennsylvania

There is no registration fee, but attendance space is limited. Those interested in attending the conference should declare their intention of doing so. Further particulars will be sent to them. Please send an e-mail message headed “Conference on May 6th” to Patricia Johnson, [email protected].