Gresham College is pleased to announce a series of eleven lectures on the History of Mathematics. These lectures are free and will take place at the Museum of London (EC2Y 5HN) or Barnard’s Inn Hall (EC1N 2HH). Lectures will be accessible to the general public, but they will focus on issues and problems which would be excellent for student enrichment, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, or even for interested staff.

The lectures are:

Professor Chris Budd – Gresham Professor of Geometry

What have Mathematics Done for Us? (11th October 2016)

The Challenge of Big Data (15th November 2016)

Mathematics Goes to the Movies (10th January 2017)

How Much Mathematics Can You Eat? (14th February 2017)

Mathematical Materials (14th March 2017)

Energetic Mathematics (25th April 2017)


Professor Jan Van Maanen – University of Utrecht, Dr Snezana Lawrence – University of Bath, and Professor Kenneth Falconer – University of St Andrews

Curves in Honour of Liebniz’s Tercentenary (27th October 2016) 


Professor Raymond E. Goldstein – University of Cambridge

Leonardo, Rapunzel and the Mathematics of Hair (9th November 2016)

Professor Simon Salamon – King’s College London

The Mathematical Skyline (18th January 2017)

Dr Carola-Bibiane Schonlieb – University of Cambridge

Mathematics Can Make You Fly? (23rd May 2017)

Professor Sarah Hart – Birkbeck, University of London

Escher and Coxeter – a Mathematical Conversation (5th June 2017)