History of Psychology Research Seminars

///History of Psychology Research Seminars

History of Psychology Research Seminars



To be held at the BPS History of Psychology Centre 33 John Street, London WC1N 2AT

October — December 2004 6-8 p.m.

This series of seminars aims to provide a forum in which those engaged in research on the history of psychology and related disciplines can present and discuss their work-in-progress (or just completed) with fellow researchers and students. A further series will be arranged for the January — March 2005 period. Postgraduate students and academic researchers interested in contributing to this should contact Graham Richards ([email protected]) or Rhodri Hayward of the Wellcome Institute ([email protected])

October 20 Clare Crellin West Sussex N.H.S. C.G. Jung — no standard for comparison

October 27 Shonu Shamdasani Wellcome Institute Centre, UCL ‘Psychotherapy’: the invention of a word

November 3 Nafsika Thalassis University College London Psychologists, Psychiatrists and the Second World War

November17 Deborah Thom Cambridge University Communists and the campaign against intelligence tests in Britain 1940-1970

December 1 Ilina Singh London School of Economics Mothers and Sons: Advertising Stimulants for ADHD, 1960 — present

Admission and refreshments are free, but it would be helpful if you could notify Graham Richards on [email protected] in advance if you intend coming.

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