History of science and the Leibniz Sozietät

The Leibniz Sozietät was founded in 1993 by members of the earlier Academy of Sciences in Berlin. They understand their work as succeeding the tradition of the old Berlin Academy of Sciences. One of the main areas of work is historical research in the history of the Berlin academy and the different disciplines. During recent years the Sozietät has had some international conferences, e.g. on Hans Ertel, a international leading meteorologist, on Albert Einstein in Berlin, Immanuel Kant and other topics. Also, the 300 anniversary of the Berlin Academy has been commemorate. For 2007 a international meeting is planned on the International Geophysical years, 50 years ago.

The Leibniz Sozietät published the ” Sitzungsberichte” and “Abhandlungen”. Quarterly its publish the journal “Leibniz intern” which can be order under [email protected]. The publications are published by Trafo Verlag Berlin (www.trafoberlin.de).

The homepage can be reached under http://www.leibniz-sozietaet.de

Currently the astronomer Prof. Dieter B. Herrmann is president of the Society. The former president is the philospher Prof. Dr. Dr. Herbert Hörz.