History of Science, Technology and Medicine Meetings at the Royal Institution

October 2005

Monday 3 October 2005 (meeting at 7.00)

In Faraday’s footsteps: Metallic colloids then and now

Professor Ryan Tweney (Bowling Green State University) and Andrew Pugsley (Royal Institution) will talk about what can be learnt from Faraday’s important work on colloids, his last major piece of research, undertaken in the 1850s. How colloids are made then and now will be demonstrated.

Tuesday 18 October 2005 (witness seminar at 7.00)

Professor Ken Pounds

Chance encounter with a black hole

Wednesday 26 October 2005 (afternoon meeting at 2.45)

History of Forensic Chemistry

This is a joint meeting with the Society for the History of Chemistry and Alchemy and the Royal Society of Chemistry Historical Group. Topics include the development of forensic analysis and the role of the surgeon in nineteenth-century murder investigations. Speakers will be Ian Burnley, John Emsley, R.J. Flanagan, Robin Keeley and Katherine D. Watson. Full details, including the programme, can be found at www.ambix.org. There is no charge for this meeting but it would be helpful if you could inform Dr Anna Simmons ([email protected]) if you will be attending.

Further details of the meetings on 3 and 18 October can be found at www.rigb.org where on-line bookings can also be made.

Because of much needed building work, the Royal Institution will be closed to the public during 2006. The History of Science, Technology and Medicine programme will return in 2007.