HOPOS 2010, Budapest, Hungary, June 24-27

Call for Submissions
Deadline for Submissions: December 15, 2009.
Notification Date: February 28, 2010.

The conference is open to scholarly work on the history of philosophy of science from any
disciplinary perspective. Submissions of abstracts of papers of approximately 25-30 minutes’
reading length, and of symposia of three to four thematically related papers will be considered for
the program. The members of the Program Committee are listed below.
Submissions should be sent as an email attachment directly to the appropriate Program Sub-
Committee chair, either as a Word document or PDF file.
The conference language is English.

Proposals for papers should include:

–             title and abstract of the paper (maximum 500 words)

–              address of the participant, including e-mail, phone, and institution

Proposals for symposia should include:

–            title of symposium

–              symposium summary statement (maximum 500 words)

–             titles and abstracts of papers (maximum 500 words for each paper)

–              address of each participant, including e-mail, phone, and institution

–              identification of symposium organizer, who will serve as contact person

Program Committee

James Lennox (Pittsburgh), Chair, Sub-Committee
[email protected]

István Bodnar ( ELTE, Budapest)
George Gale (UMKC)
Helen Hattab (Houston)
Don Morrison (Rice, Houston)
Erik Watkins (UCSD)

Martin Carrier (Bielefeld), Chair, Sub-Committee
[email protected]

Jean Gayon (Paris)
Don Howard (Notre Dame)
David Hyder (Ottawa)
Jutta Schickore (Indiana)
Friedrich Stadler (Vienna)