BSHS members may be interested in the following opportunity to engage with policy scrutiny.
The House of Commons Science and Technology Committee has launched an ‘evidence check’ exercise on three topics – GM and Gene Editing, Driverless Cars, and Smart Cities. In each case, a short Government statement has been sought and published on the Committee’s website for public scrutiny, and  forum has been opened to allow comments to be posted.
See also this blog post for the Alliance for Useful Evidence which explains the approach:
A Humanities and Social Science perspective largely absent from the Government’s description of the evidence behind its policies, and members of the Committee would be especially grateful for people working in these fields to contribute comments.
The level of engagement from individuals on these topics is crucial. Taking some time to review these topics represents a good opportunity for academics to ensure that research evidence plays a central role in government policy, and would help make the point about which kinds of evidence the Government calls on.