Two junior scholars in the history of science wish to propose a session at this year’s annual meeting of the History of Science Society (HSS), to be held in Austin, TX, November 18-21. We are looking for a single participant to complete our panel of 4, and would like to solicit papers from anyone whose topic might mesh with the general subject of the session. The tenative title which we have at the moment is, “Imagined Worlds: Constructions of Nature in Early Modern Europe”. The other proposed papers will focus respectively on 16th-century English books of secrets, early modern Spanish cosmography, and 17th-century Jesuit science, so we have a broad range of interests and methodologies represented.

If interested in submitting a brief paper proposal (including a 100-word abstract) by April 1st, please contact Mark Waddell at the address below. Thank you.

Mark A. Waddell Ph.D. Candidate Program in the History of Science, Medicine, and Technology The Johns Hopkins University [email protected]