The IEEE History Center is pleased to announce that its simplified process for writing STARS articles is now online at the IEEE Global History Network.

STARS (Significant Technological Achievement Recognition Selections) are signed, peer-reviewed articles on major developments in the history of  electrical and computer technologies. They are written for a general audience at a level of accuracy and insight that satisfies professionals.

Now, anyone can select a Candidate or aspect of a Candidate and write an Article for board review, as long as he
or she fulfills the requirements for an Article.

Suggestions for new Candidates are always welcome as well, especially by those who’ve published related books or articles.  New writers can still submit an optional Proposal for review if they wish.

Writing a STARS article contributes to the development of an online encyclopedia of the history of technology.  This revision accelerates the time to publication, both online and in Proceedings of the IEEE, where STARS articles are reprinted.  Consider writing an article based on your research or publications, or encourage your peers or graduate students to write.