Institution of Engineering and Technology History of Technology Technical Professional Network- Summer Weekend Meeting 6th-8th July 2007

CALL FOR PAPERS deadline for abstracts 31 March 2007

One of our popular and regular activities is the annual History Summer Weekend in July. These were held in conjunction with Keele University in 2005 and Swansea University in 2006. Members attending presented papers on a wide range of historical aspects related to our profession and a number of visits were included.

This year our Summer Weekend will be held at Sussex University from Friday 6th until Sunday 8th July 2007. Sussex University is one of the new wave Universities and was founded in the early 1960s. It is located about 4 miles from Brighton at Falmer on the A27 between Brighton and Lewes and has good road, rail and airport (Gatwick) access. En-suite accommodation will be available in the Halls of Residence on site.

2007 marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of Heinrich Hertz whose discovery of electromagnetic wave propagation from his spark transmitter helped lay the foundation for radio and all the allied technologies. We would therefore particularly welcome offers of papers related to the discoveries of Hertz and the consequential developments.

During the weekend it is hoped to arrange visits to the Volks Electric Railway, Brighton Museum and the Amberly Working Museum of crafts and technology.


Members of the IET and all others interested in the history of engineering and technology, and particularly electrical and related engineering subjects, are invited to submit papers for possible inclusion in the 35th IET Annual History Weekend Meeting.


As with previous History Weekends any aspect in the field covered by the IET will be considered for inclusion in the Sussex meeting. However 2007 will mark the 150th anniversary of the birth of Heinrich Hertz a key founder of radio and its related technologies. Accordingly offers of papers on Hertz and developments flowing from his work will be particularly welcome. Additionally papers on the early history of the electrical supply industry in Brighton, electric traction and electrical timekeeping before electronics are suggested as possible themes.


Although the length of printed papers is not, within reason, restricted, authors must note that presentation time at the meeting is limited to 30 minutes maximum which must include an allowance for questions. Accepted papers will be published in a bound volume following the meeting and copies lodged in the IET Library.


Respondents to this Call for Papers are requested to submit an abstract, not exceeding 100 words, explaining the topic and scope of their proposed paper for consideration by the Programme Committee. Abstracts should be submitted by the end of March 2007, preferably by Email to [email protected] or posted to:

Miss Asha Marvin History of Technology TPN Archives Department The IET Savoy Place London WC2R 0BL

For more details please see the website or contact Asha Marvin at [email protected].

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