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IMA Conference on the History of Mathematics

///IMA Conference on the History of Mathematics

IMA Conference on the History of Mathematics





Opening – Snezana Lawrence (Bath Spa University): Applied mathematics and mathematics practitioners: Spitalfields – the home  of  the first mathematical society


Victor Katz (University of the District of Columbia): Quadratic and Cubic Equations: Can we really apply them?




Norman Biggs (London School of Economics and Political Science): Mathematics in the Textile trade


Ioan James (Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford): Some Early Jewish Mathematicians




Benjamin Wardhaugh (University of Oxford): “Two Viols were Mathematically set out”…


Martin Campbell-Kelly (University of Warwick): The rise and decline of mathematical table making


Jan van Maanen (Freudenthal Institute for Science and Mathematics Education): Applications convince. The case of the early calculus


Plenary discussion and coffee

REGISTRATION Open at http://online.ima.org.uk/


[at] ima [dot] org [dot] uk?phpMyAdmin=2091017a95dfe92f2ac104777b4dda36″>[email protected]

Non IMA Member: £85.00    IMA Member: £70.00 Student: £60.00

For all enquiries, contact the organisers:

Snezana Lawrence (snezana [at] mathsisgoodforyou [dot] com?phpMyAdmin=2091017a95dfe92f2ac104777b4dda36″>[email protected] )

Amy Marsh (

[email protected] ) or by emailing

IMA Conference on the History of Mathematics

6 November 2009, Royal Statistical Society, London

The conference will be dedicated to tracing the history of social, professional, and academic networks, which in some way influenced the creation of new mathematical concepts or disciplines.

East London, where the conference will be held, was the fermenting ground where one of the first mathematical societies was founded, the Spitalfields Mathematical Society (1717). The history of the area has inspired, in many ways, the contributions to the conference, and we hope that both mathematicians and the historians of mathematics will find this a fascinating opportunity to explore the ways in which mathematics developed from its applications and in which applications inspired the creation of new mathematical techniques.

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