Inclusion and Exclusion in the ‘Long Nineteenth Century’

5-7 May 2006, Hamburg A three-day workshop organized by the Department of Economics and Politics, University of Hamburg, Germany

Call for Papers

The aim of this interdisciplinary workshop is to examine the interactions between class, gender, nation, race and culture in European discourses of inclusion and exclusion in the so-called ‘long nineteenth century’. This period, extending from the French Revolution to the outbreak of World War I, witnessed significant changes in almost all social relations: the scientific revolution, the industrial revolution with the political awakening of the bourgeoisie and the mobilization of the working class, the experience of empire and anticolonial uprisings, campaigns for women’s emancipation, the rise of nationalism, revolution and reform. Each of these massive changes had its specific impact on relations between the sexes, the classes, the ‘races’, and on how these relations were conceived of and represented.

The discursive aspects of these changes can be seen in fields as diverse as science, politics and literature. These discourses were part of the broader context of European culture, and furthermore, themselves formed a cross-referential system.

This workshop intends to bring together research which deals with the shaping, reshaping and relations between the categories of race, class, gender, nation and culture. Contributions from a wide range of disciplinary perspectives are welcome. By comparing their dynamics in different European countries, we hope to gain deeper insights in these processes of ‘othering’, and inspire discussion and further research in this field.

Please send abstracts of 300 – 400 words to one of the e-mail addresses below. Closing date for submission of abstracts is November 30th, 2005

For further information please contact: <[email protected]>, Department of Economics and Politics, University of Hamburg <[email protected]>, Institute for Science and Technology Studies, University of Bielefeld URL: