Dear Colleagues,

We are inviting you to attend the workshop on “Instruments and Material Culture of Early Modern Science” to be held on Saturday April 17 at the Department of History of Science, Harvard University.

The workshop is structured in four sessions, two in the morning and two in the afternoon. Each session, based on precirculated papers, will include two participants and one commentator. The participants will provide short introductions to their papers (10 minutes), followed by the commentators’ remarks (15 mins) and then an open discussion (about an hour). The workshop is open to the public, and copies of the participants’ papers will be made available by directly emailing me (Gauvin), from April 1.

The participants are:

Jim Bennett (Museum of the History of Science, Oxford) Mario Biagioli (Harvard University) Francois Charette (Dibner Institute) Jean-Francois Gauvin (Harvard University) Michael Gorman (Arkimedia, Dublin) Anna Maerker (Cornell University) Simon Schaffer (Cambridge University) Sara Schechner (Harvard University)

The list of confirmed commentators include:

Peter Galison (Harvard University) Myles Jackson (Dibner Institute) Rob Iliffe (Dibner Institute)

Coffee and breakfast will begin at 8:30am and the workshop should end around 6pm.

Our hope is that this meeting will not only produce great intellectual stimuli on topics directly touching the material culture of scientific practice, but also will generate informal discussions on various related subjects such as pedagogy, curatorial challenges, and research in the context of museum studies. In wait of April’s milder weather,

All the best,

Mario Biagioli Jean-Francois Gauvin

********************************** Mario Biagioli Professor of history of science [email protected]

Jean-Francois Gauvin Ph.D. candidate [email protected]

Department of the History of Science Harvard University 1 Oxford Street Science Center 371 Cambridge, MA 02138 USA

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