President Hasok Chang writes:

Happy 2014! And welcome to the first issue of the electronic BSHS Newsletter, a new initiative by the officers of the Society to communicate better and more frequently with our members.

The BSHS enters the new year in the happy afterglow of the great success of the 24th International Congress of the History of Science, Technology and Medicine held at the University of Manchester last July. It was the largest-ever conference in the series, and widely praised for the quality and diversity of the papers and the impeccable organisation, for which we thank once again James Sumner, Jeff Hughes, Rachel Abbott, Sally Horrocks, our Executive Secretary, and all others who devoted countless hours to this enterprise. You can still look up information about the Congress on its website, archived at

We hope that the Congress delegates who signed up as trial members of the BSHS have been enjoying the British Journal for the History of Science andViewpoint. We hope you will continue your memberships in order to take advantage of preferential registration fees for our annual conferences, grants to support research and outreach activities, special offers with leading history of science publishers, and conference travel grants for student members.

We remain eager to hear from students and other junior members of the profession about what they would like the Society to offer.

This is a good occasion to thank all the officers of the Society for their essential work. Liz Bruton has completed her period of sterling service as the BSHS Web Officer, and as her successsor we welcome Jia-Ou Song. Likewise, Gowan Dawson has now handed over the reins of the Programme Committee to the equally capable hands of Ben Marsden. We also welcome new Council members David Beck and Alice White, as we thank Rhodri Hayward and Ralph O’Connor, who have recently completed their terms on Council.