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John Dalton Bicentenary

John Dalton Bicentenary

In October, Manchester celebrates the 200th anniversary of the delivery by John Dalton, on October 21, 1803, of his paper to the Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society which included the first account of the Table of Atomic Weights. The Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society commemorates this event with a series of seven lectures to be held between 14th and 23rd October, including the Donald Cardwell Lecture on October 21 by Professor Arnold Thackray, “John Dalton, Manchester Man” (co-hosted by UMIST and CHSTM). The complete programme can be accessed on the Dalton Bicentenary page of the Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society website at http://www.manlitphil.org.uk/ The Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine will be hosting a commemorative meeting of the Society for the History of Alchemy and Chemistry on October 21. A draft programme and registration form are available on the CHSTM website: http://www.chstm.man.ac.uk/events.htm

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