John Gribbin and Lisa Jardine Science: The Story of a Revolution

Stevenson Lecture Theatre The British Museum Great Russell Street London WC1

18.30 Thursday 24th November

£5, concessions £3 Box Office: 020 7323 8181 open daily from 10.00 until 16.45 or pay on the door

Description In the 17th century, revolutions in science challenged a world of superstition and inspired the foundation of the British Museum. John Gribbin and Lisa Jardine discuss the events and characters – including Isaac Newton, Christopher Wren, Robert Hooke – whose inventions and experiments changed history.

John Gribbin is author of ‘The Fellowship: The Story of a Revolution’ which tells the story of the foundation of the Royal Society, and ‘Science: A History’. Lisa Jardine is author of ‘The Curious Life of Robert Hooke’ and ‘Ingenious Pursuits: Building the Scientific Revolution’