JUSTUS LIEBIG 1803-1873 A Critical Appraisal on the 200th Anniversary of his Birth

The next meeting of the Society will be held on Thursday 22 May 2003. It will begin with the unveiling of a plaque to commemorate the Royal College of Chemistry at 299 Oxford Street, London at 10.30am and will move to the Conference Room of the Science Museum Library for an 11.45am start.


10:30 299 Oxford Street: Unveiling of plaque to commemorate the Royal College of Chemistry by PROFESSOR CHARLES REES (the former Hofmann Professor at Imperial College)

11.45 Conference Room, Science Museum Library: Coffee

12.00 ALAN ROCKE, Professor of History at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland: “The ‘Giessen Model’ in University Science: Origins and Spread”

13.00 LUNCH

14.00 WILLIAM BROCK, Honorary Visiting Professor, University of Kent at Canterbury: “Breeding Chemists in Giessen”

14.45 DAVID LEABACK, Biolink Technology “Liebig’s Laboratory on Oxford Street”

15.30 ERIC BRIDSON, Retired Technical Director of Oxoid Ltd “The rise and fall of a Liebig enterprise in Fray Bentos, Uruguay (1865- 1971)”

The meeting will close at 16.30

The meeting is open to members and non-members. The meeting fee is £10.00, which includes coffee. A sandwich lunch will be available. The charge for the lunch is £5.00.

Further details are available from the Honorary Secretary ANNA SIMMONS, 14 Mall Chambers, Kensington Mall, London, W8 4DY. [email protected]

A registration form also appears on the Society’s website