The Johannes Kepler Working Group (supported by IAU Commission 41: History of Astronomy) is seeking one or more volunteers to help push research on Kepler into the next generation.

First, there is a need to modernise the Kepler working group’s Website:
(To help in this endeavour, BSHS kindly has awarded a very small grant to pay for technical Web editing.)

Second, there is a need to help think about how Web tools can be used to promote, engage, and foster.

Third, there is a desire TO DO MORE research on Kepler’s life and work, and to foster exchange within the community of scholars.

If you have any interest in contributing, especially volunteering for
collaborative projects within the working group, contact any member of the working group (members listed on line).

Volunteers with an interest in Web development work should contact: Dr A.E.L. Davis <[email protected]>