Museum of the History of Science, Broad Street, Oxford ‘Talk & Chalk’

Public Lectures on the History of Cosmology linked to the exhibition ‘Bye-bye blackboard … from Einstein and others’ (see

Tuesday 14 June, 7 pm Prof. John North, ‘Early Cosmology – by Design and Accident’

Thursday 16 June, 7 pm Prof. David Hughes, ‘The Age of the Universe, the Stars and the Earth’

Tuesday 21 June, 7 pm Prof. John Heilbron, ‘The Moving Earth after Galileo’

Thursday 23 June, 7 pm Prof. Joe Silk, ‘The Dark Side of the Universe’

There will be no slides, overheads or Powerpoint: the lecturers are allowed to use only blackboard and chalk. Admission free The lecture series is sponsored by Taylor & Francis