St. John’s College, a great books liberal arts college with campuses in Annapolis, Maryland, and Santa Fe, New Mexico, is seeking applicants for faculty positions in Annapolis for the 08-09 academic year. St. John’s offers bachelor’s and master’s degree programs based on the reading and discussion of great books (in philosophy, literature, mathematics, sciences, political theory, history, economics, theology and music). Faculty members, called “tutors,” are expected to teach throughout the all-required curriculum. Applicants should possess the rare combination of proven depth of inquiry and accomplishment in their studies (as may be evidenced by a Ph.D.) with a broad education and interests that extend beyond any particular specialization. The college places a strong emphasis on teaching, and seeks applicants committed to liberal education and willing to engage in shared inquiry in a seminar-discussion format. Tenure track position. For more information about the unique character of teaching at St. John’s and about submitting an application, please consult our Web site at (Click About, Dean’s Office, Annapolis Faculty Applicants.) Applicants from any discipline are welcome to apply.