Locating Engineers: Education, Knowledge, Desire International Network for Engineering Studies (INES) Workshop Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia, USA September 10-13, 2006 Deadline for manuscript proposals: December 1, 2005 Notification of acceptance: January 15, 2006 Deadline for completed draft manuscripts: July 1, 2006

INES workshop website: www.inesworkshop.sts.vt.edu

Reform in engineering education has become an object of intense interest and desire in countries throughout the world. What is at stake in the contents of education for engineers, and for whom? This first workshop of the International Network for Engineering Studies (INES), sponsored by the U.S. National Science Foundation and Virginia Tech, will bring together researchers on the history, social and cultural studies, and philosophy of engineering education to address these questions by placing them in wider historical and cultural contexts. How have the social, political, and epistemological issues involved in locating engineers varied across space and time? What have been key struggles in different countries? What have been the implications of outcomes in engineering education for emerging national identities as well as transnational projects ranging from industrial capitalism to globalization? What have been the implications of engineering education for emerging sciences and technologies? What relations have emerged between what counts as engineering and who counts as engineers?

This three-day workshop will employ a unique format of focused discussion around 16-18 previously-drafted papers in order both to bring together researchers working on these topics in different countries and to identify critical issues and opportunities for further research. The workshop will provide travel subsidies and defray local expenses for participants contributing manuscripts. The NSF award includes travel and local expenses for up to four Ph.D. students from other U.S. institutions, including students who are not contributing manuscripts but would otherwise benefit from attending, and with special encouragement to students from underrepresented minorities. Plans for dissemination include a coordinated set of publications in 3-4 journals, web-based video/audio streaming and transcripts to inform scholars not able to participate, and an edited book collection. See the workshop website for more detailed information: www.inesworkshop.sts.vt.edu.