MA Innovation Studies, University of East London

The MA in Innovation Studies at UEL explores the complex, dynamic relations between social and technological forces shaping innovation processes in an international context. There is an emphasis on inequalities due to gender, socioeconomic status and/or race; social distribution of responsibility, wealth and risk; and ethical considerations related to the governance of innovation in both business and the public sphere.

The MA can be taken in conjunction with the European ESST Masters programme (European Society, Science and Technology), which is run by an association of 15 universities from across the European Union, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey. The curriculum draws upon the sociology of scientific knowledge, information society theory, the economics of technical change, geography, political theory and policy evaluation, and historical perspectives associated with innovation systems and processes.

In the second semester, students have the option of moving to another European university; each offers different specialisations, with instruction in English. Students receive a concentrated programme of lectures in Semester B and proceed to write a dissertation under supervision. The MA is offered (subject to validation) in both full-time and part-time mode for those remaining at UEL for both semesters, but all students benefit from the European ESST partnership through exchange of pedagogical and resource materials, interactions with visiting scholars, and on-line discussion fora.

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