Manchester CHSTM seminar list, February-May 2010

Unless otherwise indicated, the seminar takes place on Tuesdays at 4pm in the CHSTM Seminar Room, 2.57 Simon Building, Brunswick Street, University of Manchester. Tea is served from 3.30pm. Seminars are typically around 50 minutes in length, followed by a period for audience questions.

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All are welcome.

9 February

David Arnold, History, University of Warwick: “Everyday Technology and Everyday Health in India, 1890-1960”

16 February

Sabine Clarke, Welcome Unit for the History of Medicine, University of Oxford: “Reconsidering the Meaning of the Term ‘Fundamental Research’ in Britain, c.1915 to 1950”


Bruno Strasser, History, Yale University: “The New Biology as Natural History: GenBank and the Debate over Data Sharing in Science”

This event will be held at 5pm in the Michael Smith Building Lecture Theatre, University of Manchester, and will be followed by drinks. All are welcome to attend.

23 February

Bruno Strasser, History, Yale University: “The Experimentalist’s Museum: Collections of Living Organisms and the Rise of


2 March

Nick Hopwood, HPS, University of Cambridge: “Pictures of Evolution and Charges of Fraud”

9 March

Alison Kraft, History, University of Nottingham: “From Radiobiological Research Tool to Cancer Therapy: Bone Marrow

Transplantation c.1951-c.1961″

16 March

Peter Wade, María Fernanda Olarte Sierra, Vivette García Deister, and Michael Kent, Social Anthropology, University of Manchester: “Race, Genomics and Mestizaje (Mixture) in Latin America: A Comparative Approach.  A Proposal for Research”

23 March

Geoff Bunn, Psychology, Manchester Metropolitan University: “Love Detectors and Kiss-o-meters: The Role of the Erotic in the History of Deception Testing”

27 April

Paulo Drinot, History, University of Manchester: “The Venerealization of Peru, c.1900-1950”

11 May

Mario Biagioli, History of Science, Harvard University: (title tba)


Thomas Laqueur, History, University of California Berkeley: “The Work of the Dead”

25 May

Mark Jenner, History, University of York: “Tasting the Pulse? The Sensory World of a Seventeenth-Century Physician”