The “Société de Physique et d’Histoire Naturelle (SPHN) de Genève” has the honor to invite applications for its award entitled :


This Prize, in principle intended for a young researcher, will reward a significant contribution to the history of science, which is as yet unpublished or has only recently appeared.

The Prize is endowed with an amount of at least Sfr. 12,000, and may be shared.

Application is open to both Swiss and foreign candidates at university level. Notification of candidature should be sent by 29th February 2004 to the following address :

Président de la SPHN Muséum d’Histoire naturelle Case postale 6434 CH-1211 GENEVE 6 Switzerland

Two full copies of the work, accompanied by a summary and a curriculum vitae should be submitted before the deadline given above. One copy of the prize-winning work will remain the property of the SPHN. The texts may be written in French, German, Italian or English. In the last three instances, the summary should be translated into French and be approximately 12 pages in length, i.e. 4,000 words or about 20,000 characters.

Theme for the 2004 Prize :

The History of Man’s Relationship with the Environment : Balance and Break-down

To be eligible, the work submitted must deal with the topic from a history of science perspective. Works dealing with current research in the various scientific disciplines relating to Man and the Environment will not be considered.

A commission composed of professors of the University of Geneva and experts in the field will be responsible for examining all entries.

The President of the SPHN