Mathematical Sciences & Philosophy in the Mediterranean & the East: Symposium in Honor of Prof. Chikara Sasaki

Location: Kamena Vourla, Greece, 4-8 August 2009
Sponsor(s)/Host Institution(s): The Hellenic Open University , The 
University of Patras, National Bank of Greece, MIBS Group VIP Travel
Contact E-mail Address: [email protected]
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Start Date: 08/04/2009
End Date: 08/08/2009

Additional Information: The international conference is held in honor 
of Prof. Ch. Sasaki (University of Tokyo, Department of History and 
Philosophy of Science of the Graduate Schools of Arts and Sciences & 
Department of Mathematical Sciences). The central theme focuses on the 
cultural transmutations and interrelationships between Western and 
Eastern scientific, especially mathematical, disciplinary matrices. 
Prof. Sasaki’s extraordinary achievement in the history and philosophy 
of mathematics has offered important insights in these areas. Besides 
historical and philosophical papers on mathematics, speakers will also 
present papers on the history and philosophy of science broadly