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Mathematics 1850-1920 – Modernity and Professionalisation

///Mathematics 1850-1920 – Modernity and Professionalisation

Mathematics 1850-1920 – Modernity and Professionalisation


History of Science Seminar, University of Aarhus, Denmark Wednesday May 14, 2003, 1-5 pm

Some of the keywords in the history of science for late nineteenth and early twentieth century are “modernity” and “professionalisation”. In this seminar we will address these issues for the history of mathematics. How can we talk about professionalisation in the context of mathematics? Does it make any sense to talk about modernity and mathematics? What can we learn about the history of mathematics from asking such questions?

The seminar takes place under the venue of the History of Science in Denmark Project. Hence special attention will be given to the historiographical problems in writing local or regional history of science. By looking at the circumstances under which mathematics was shaped and institutionalised as a discipline in regional contexts such as the Danish, Dutch and English, we learn much about the specific conditions that facilitated the uprising of modern mathematics as well as the interactions between mathematics and society. ALL WELCOME!

For further information and abstracts please visit: http://www.ivh.au.dk/dvh/mathseminar2003/

The seminar is organised by Dr Henrik Kragh Sørensen and Dr Peter C. Kjærgaard

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