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Mathematics in Victorian Britain

///Mathematics in Victorian Britain

Mathematics in Victorian Britain

Mathematics in Victorian Britain Rewley House, Oxford, 3-4 June 2006 Organiser: Raymond Flood <[email protected]>

Full details and a booking form are downloadable from http://www.bshm.org/meetings.html#vic

A joint meeting of the British Society for the History of Mathematics <http://www.bshm.org>, Oxford University Department of Continuing Education, and the Open University Centre for the History of the Mathematical Sciences.

The Victorian age saw a great flowering of mathematical activity in the British Isles which took place in many fields – pure and applied mathematics, logic and statistics. It involved Babbage, Cayley, De Morgan, Kelvin, Kirkman, Maxwell, Pearson, Sylvester and many others. The work of Victorian British mathematicians has had a lasting impression on subsequent mathematical development and this weekend will examine the themes, people and places involved in this period.

Provisional list of speakers: Overview: British Mathematics, 1837-1901: ADRIAN RICE Those Awful Brits: JEREMY GRAY Victorian Astronomy: ALLAN CHAPMAN Victorian Statistics: EILEEN MAGNELLO Victorian Applied Mathematics: ALEX CRAIK Victorian combinatorics: ROBIN WILSON Babbage, dumbing down, and a new technology of mathematics: DORON SWADE Victorian logic from Whately to Russell: IVOR GRATTAN-GUINNESS Mathematical developments in Cambridge: TONY CRILLY Victorian Oxford: KEITH HANNABUSS Victorian Ireland and Scotland: RAYMOND FLOOD and TONY MANN Victorian mathematical societies and journals: SLOAN DESPEAUX Victorian algebra: KAREN PARSHALL

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