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Maurice Daumas Prize 2014

///Maurice Daumas Prize 2014

Maurice Daumas Prize 2014

The International Committee for the History of Technology, ICOHTEC, welcomes submissions for the Maurice Daumas Prize, which aims to encourage innovative scholarship in the history of technology. ICOHTEC is interested in the history of technological development as well as its relationship to science, society, economy, culture and the environment. The history of technology covers all periods of human history. There is no limitation as to theoretical or methodological approaches.

The Maurice Daumas Prize will be awarded to the author of the best article submitted on the history of technology and published in a journal or edited volume in 2012 or 2013. Submissions are welcomed from scholars of any country, and their focus can be the technological past of any period or part of the world. Eligible for the prize are original articles published in any of the official ICOHTEC languages (English, French, German, Russian or Spanish). If the language of publication is not English, applicants must include a three-page English summary.

For the Maurice Daumas Prize 2014, please send your submission to each of the five Prize Committee members no later than 5 January 2014. Electronic submissions are preferred. The winner will be contacted in late May 2014.

The prize will be awarded at our 41st Symposium, to be held 29 July – 2 August 2014 in Brasov, Romania.  The winner will receive a cash prize of Euro 500 as well as a travel grant
of Euro 300 (if needed) to attend the ICOHTEC Symposium of 2014. Additionally, the ICOHTEC Symposium will feature a special panel organized around the winning article.
Susan Schmidt Horning, Prof., Chair
St. John’s University
Queens, NY 11439 USA
Email: [email protected]
Andrew Butrica,
Research Historians Group
Bethesda, MD  USA
Email: [email protected]
Hermione Giffard, Dr.
Independent Scholar
The Netherlands
Email: [email protected]
Pierre Lamard
, Prof.
L’Université de Technologie
de Belfort-Montbéliard (UTBM) France
Email: [email protected]
Patrice Bret, Dr.
Centre Alexandre Koyré/CNRS-EHESS-MNHN
Paris, France
Email: [email protected]

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