Medical Humanities Symposium

The Centre for the History of Medicine in Ireland is hosting a Medical Humanities Symposium in the University of Ulster, Coleraine on Thursday May 28th. If you are interested in attending please register your details with Mike Liffey.

Speakers include

Professor Martyn Evans – University of Durham

‘The Establishment of a Centre for Medical Humanities’

Dr David Hunter – University of Keele

‘Bioethics and the challenge of “sperm ships”: The need for the global regulation of medical technology’

Professor Anne Borsay – University of Swansea

‘Cultural Representations of Disability: The Example of History’.

Professor Andrew Smith – University of Glamorgan

‘”Do you share my madness?” Doctors and doctoring in the nineteenth century Gothic’

Professor John McLachlan – University of Durham &

Professor Karen Fleming – University of Ulster

‘”Flex  + Ply”: Material Metaphors for Knowledge and Understanding of Anatomy’

Presentation by Wellcome Trust

Contact Person:

Mike Liffey

Centre for the History of Medicine in Ireland

[email protected]