ITEMS – Identifying Trends in European Medical Space – Contribution of European Social and Human Sciences is a research network funded by the 5th Framework Program of the European Commission. The network includes 23 partners from 10 European countries. Its main aims are to synthesize current research and training in the human and social sciences focusing on medicine and health, and to structure an European multidisciplinary research and training network in this field. ITEMS is organized around four main axes: 1) The transformations of the biomedical sciences and their impact on the definitions of disease, health and care; 2) The participation of users in medical activities and debates in the context of different political traditions; 3) Coordination in health organizations, with a focus on the role of information and communication technologies; 4) Articulations of health, social and political issues.

On the 15th – 17th of December 2004, ITEMS will organize a symposium in Coimbra, Portugal, which will gather the researchers involved in the network and other participants with an interest in this area. The aim of the symposium is to map and discuss European research on themes related to the four axes and to identify prospective partners for widening the network. We invite researchers with interest or work in progress on themes related to any of the four axes to submit proposals of papers for the symposium, based on ongoing or completed projects. In contrast to usual procedures and given the aim of the symposium, we would like to get a sense of the research project on which each contribution will be based.

More information: JOÃO ARRISCADO NUNES ([email protected]), responsible for the organisation of the symposium

For more information on ITEMS, please contact the main coordinator: Madeleine Akrich, Vololona Rabeharisoa ([email protected])