Conference: Medicine, Laboratory and Society

Paths and Representations of Medicine and Public

Health in Portugal – a Tribute to Ricardo Jorge (1858-1939)

Date: 25- 27 May 2009

The Conference Medicine, Laboratory and Society is organized in the
context of a programme of celebrations around Ricardo Jorge
(1858-1939, one of the most influential physicians, who introduced
modern hygiene in Portugal. Following Pasteur’s discoveries, which
provided hygiene and prophylaxis with a scientific basis, Ricardo
Jorge recognized that medicine, in addition to its scientific
foundations, has a social dimension, which requires an intervention in
social practices and a change in individual habits in order to prevent

Ricardo Jorge materialized his conceptions and beliefs when he
founded, in 1899, the Central Institute of Health, today known as
National Institute of Health Dr. Ricardo Jorge (INSA), an institution
specifically equipped and organized with the purpose of training
public health professionals.

The tribute to Ricardo Jorge on the 70th anniversary of his death and
the 110th  of the creation of the Central Institute of Health and the
General-Direction of Health and Public Beneficence, is a unique
opportunity, not only for a reflection on the role of Ricardo Jorge in
the history of medicine and public health both in mainland Portugal
and overseas, but also to gather together national and international
researchers on the History of Public Health and Imperial Medicine in
the nineteenth and twentieth century. The aim is to encourage a wide
ranging discussion of these topics and its relevance to the History of

The International Conference Medicine, Laboratory and Society includes
lectures delivered by Portuguese and foreign guests and presentations
submitted by participants.

The organization invites interested researchers to submit papers
within the scope of the meeting, by focusing on topics such as:

– The role of Ricardo Jorge and the importance of his legacy in
Portuguese medicine, in particular in epidemiology and in the
promotion of sanitary policies

– Ricardo Jorge and his contemporaries in the local and European
contexts: reflections on the political, scientific, artistic and
literary dimensions of his work

-From mainland Portugal to overseas Portuguese possessions: the
institutionalization of Tropical Medicine in the context of imperialism

– Sanitary campaigns and quarantines – objectives, methodologies and
their practical results

– Reception and appropriation of new medical and scientific paradigms
in the context of the History of Medicine and Imperial Public Health.

Papers can be delivered in 20 minutes talks or as a poster

Conference language: Portuguese or English

Abstracts (250 words, in Portuguese and English) should be sent no
later than 25 April 2009 to: Isabel Amaral ([email protected]).

A Photographic Exhibition associated with the themes of the conference
is also being organized. Photos should be sent electronically by
participants (750 pixels) or printed on paper, format 20x25cm or
20x30cm. Photos setn electronically should be sent no later than 13
April to Isabel Amaral ([email protected])

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Sociedade de Geografia de Lisboa (Lisbon Geographical Society)

Instituto Nacional de Saúde Dr. Ricardo Jorge (Lisboa) (National
Institute of Health Dr. Ricardo Jorge, Lisbon)

Centro Interuniversitário de História das Ciências e da Tecnologia
(Inter-university Centre for the History of Science and Technology)