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BSHS members at the Annual Conference, 2005

The BSHS welcomes members from all backgrounds, in the UK and internationally. Current members include academics, writers, students, museums professionals, schoolteachers and anyone with an interest in some aspect of the history of science, technology and medicine.

All members of the Society receive

Membership rates and terms

New applicants may benefit from an introductory offer, providing a reduced rate for the first year of membership. New members who are also members of the History of Science Society or the European Society for the History of Science receive from a further reduction.

We provide alternative offers for students, unemployed, independent scholars and retired members, who qualify for this membership status: this offers the same benefits as Ordinary membership at reduced prices. Student membership also gives reduced rates for some BSHS events, and is available for up to five years.

Any person in financial difficulties who wishes to join should email in confidence to discuss terms (details below.)

Membership is from 12 months from the date your payment is processed.


We use WebCollect to manage our membership services. Please visit https://webcollect.org.uk/bshs to join or renew an existing membership.

All email enquiries about membership should be sent to [email protected]