I’m very excited and proud to introduce a new history of science journal: BJHS Themes. It is a sister journal to the British Journal for the History of Science, and will be open access, free to read, and published by Cambridge University Press on behalf of the BSHS.

We are looking for proposals of the highest quality for the first issue, with the successful proposal to be decided through competition. The deadline for submission of proposals is 31 December 2014. Publication will be in early 2016.

Here are the aims:

BJHS Themes aims to publish open access, high-quality, scholarly, engaging collections of history of science papers, each collection of which will address a provocative theme. The journal is wholly open access – free to read online and normally free for authors too – funded through a collaboration between the British Society for the History of Science and Cambridge University Press. Now is the right time to launch a journal of this kind, because there is a need for an outlet through which edited collections of high quality history of science can reach a broad, scholarly audience. As a rigorously peer-reviewed, professionally-published, open access journals, BJHS Themes meets this need.

Like its sister publication, the British Journal for the History of ScienceBJHS Themes is a journal of the British Society for the History of Science (BSHS), a major learned society for its subject. There is one issue per year, consisting of more than 256 pages. The first volume will be published in January/February 2016 but we are seeking proposals now. The competition for the first volume is now open, with proposals required by 31 December, 2014. 

More information can be found through the links below:

To submit a propsal: http://journals.cambridge.org/action/displaySpecialPage?pageId=6220 .

Please get in touch if you have any questions about BJHS Themes



Jon Agar, Editor, BJHS Themes[email protected]